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PresbyMAX is a minimally invasive method of presbyopia treatment performed using technologically advanced SCHWIND AMARIS eye laser systems.

The treatment is completed in just a few minutes,
and the actual laser ablation takes only seconds.

The procedure neither touches nor replaces the sensitive lens of the eye.

Rather, rapid laser pulses gently model the cornea with high precision.

Several different treatment variants are possible with the PresbyMAX

procedure. Your specialist will advise you about the variant which suits you best.

Unlike conventional LASIK treatment, multiple precisely calculated focal points are created in the eye – similar to the principle applied in multifocal contact or intraocular lenses.

The cornea is modelled at the centre for near vision and towards the periphery for distant vision.

This results in a good depth of field and very high quality vision at all distances.

Visual acuity typically improves very rapidly following treatment at a rate roughly comparable to the case of conventional LASIK treatment.



Frequently asked questions:

  How is PresbyMAX® different from other procedures?

Prior presbyopia treatments with the excimer laser aimed to divide the

work between the two eyes: One eye is sharpened for distant viewing,

the other for near vision (monovision).

PresbyMAX represents the next generation. In this procedure,

bi-aspheric ablation profi les establish extended depth of fi eld in

both eyes for vision at all distances. Three-dimensional vision

remains intact. High patient satisfaction is achieved, even in

cases of advanced presbyopia.


  Who can be considered for treatment with PresbyMAX®?

• Patients who are exclusively presbyopic and wish to do without reading glasses

• Presbyopic patients with uncorrected myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism

• Presbyopic patients who have already undergone laser treatment with the goal of
    optimal distance vision and have had a good experience with it

• Presbyopic patients who have already undergone cataract surgery 
    and now wish to be able to read without corrective lenses


  How can I fi nd out if PresbyMAX® is suitable for me?

Your treating specialist will clarify with you in a comprehensive preliminary examination whether treatment with PresbyMAX is suitable.

As part of this, in addition to diagnostic data, your job, hobbies and expectations of the treatment will also be considered.


  Are glasses necessary after the treatment?

The goal of a PresbyMAX treatment is to achieve vision without glasses for day-to-day activities.

In poor light, glasses can be advantageous for reading or seeing at a distance.


  When will I regain my full vision?

You can generally read the newspaper without glasses again only a few hours after the treatment.

Good intermediate and distant vision typically sets in within a week.

Further improvement in quality of vision and full adjustment to multifocal sight are generally complete after several weeks.


  In what cases is retreatment advisable?

It is sensible to repeat treatment if, after laser treatment, the presbyopia

continues to progress and you require reading glasses once again.

Your specialist will make the fi nal decision after a thorough examination.


  What clinical results are available?

To date, more than 5,000 people with presbyopia have undergone treatment with the PresbyMAX procedure.

The excellent clinical results were published in scientifi c journals and document high patient satisfaction.

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